The logistics area of CRG Shipping offers services in Italy and abroad by ensuring the management of the goods from the production chain to the distribution, from supplier to customer, or to sub-contractors and distributors chain to the end customer with door-to-door deliveries.
Study logistic needs of each client is foundamental to optimize the handling of goods, both inbound and outboud. CRG Shipping schedules warehouses and deposits flows and movements, taking care of the distribution of products throughout their supply chains. We are protagonists of integrated logistics processes in northeastern Italy, with particular attention in the daily distribution throughout Triveneto area, this is possible thanks to the strategic point located in Trento and Treviso from which the goods are handled every day.


Logistic services

  • Goods pick-up at the production warehouse or directly from suppliers
  • Notice to the recipient of any non-conformities
  • Check the external packaging
  • Control of each unit of sale
  • Storage products
  • Preparation of merchandise and management of orders outstanding for lack catalog
  • Stock update, minimum threshold reporting by product and stocks
  • Printing transport documents and invoices
  • Opportunity to verify and follow from the internet warehouse activities
  • Technical assistance
  • Supply of consumables and packaging
  • Return management and replacement of the goods

In addition to integrated logistics services we offer a wide range of facilities such as shipping insurance, customhouse import and export, Intrastat compilation, cash payment on delivery, delivery according to schedule, delivery service with a tail lift and supply of personnel for loading and unloading.

Logistica Alto Adige - Trento

Logistica Veneto - Treviso